pedresWhen in the end of the 19th century the phylloxera disease stroke the Provence area of France and started expanding from there to the rest of the European continent, the Roig Family already worked in the French vineyards of the Roussillon (France) because of their good and reliable expertise. They were owners of several hectares of vineyards in the Emporda Appellation of the Northern Catalonia, but had to work somewhere else to make their living.

When phylloxera hit France, the solution to the disease was rapidly found by using resistant rootstocks. Quality producing species already grown locally in France and Spain, were grafted on American resistant rootstocks and thus planted to renew the wine production. The Roig Family brought back from France the grafts of the Carinyena (also called Carignane in France or Samsó in Catalunya), that we still cultivate today. The first plants date back from the 1890s. That legacy has been preserved until today with effort and perseverance to transform those grapes into the balanced and authentic wine we now introduce to you.

Roig Parals has modernized the entrepreneurship of our ancestors at the vineyards and cellar in order to continue the family tradition. “Terroir” expression, organic farming and sustainability help us with the cultivation of our twelve hectares that today include not only the old Samsó vines but also traditional white Grenache, Moscatel and Macabeu or the international Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

This the result of many years of dedication and pay of respect to the land and work of our ancestors.