In 2005, Santi Roig and Mariona Parals started a dream, an enthusiastic project, and this was to continue the legacy from Santi’s great-grandfather. To continue growing the vines aged 100 years old and making wine from organic grapes.

Wines need to be true to where they come from, thats why we focus on indigenous varieties which date back to 1896.

Organic farming is a very important concept which helps us to get high quality grapes to make wine that expresses its best about the region, the climate and the terroir.

Nature and time command us, they are the ones that give each year a wine that tells us what has happened to the vineyard.

“Terroir” expression, organic farming and sustanibility help us with the cultivation of the 15 hectares that today include not only the old Samsó vines, but also the traditional white Grenache, Moscatel, Macabeu, Grenache gris, red Grenache or the international Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.